Louisa B. Gembora

Louisa B. Gembora

Ph.D., C.Psych.

Member Since: April 13, 1998


Board Member

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95 Arcade Crescent
Hamilton, ON
Canada L9C 3J1

TEL: 905-383-9908
FAX: 905-383-1014

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Website: http://www.drgembora.com


Assessment Services

Disability Assessments: Clinical

Age Groups: Adolescents; Elderly; Adults

Referral Sources: Insurers; Self; Lawyers; Physicians

Therapy Services

Types of Intervention: Behavioural; Marital; Cognitive

Types of condition: Anxiety Disorders; Chronic Pain; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Mood Disorders; Anger; Behavioural Disorders

Age Groups: Adults; Elderly; Adolescents

Referral Sources: Insurers; Self; Physicians; Lawyers