Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly

Ph.D., C.Psych.

I am the Founder and Clinical Director of The Mindfulness Clinic (TMC). TMC provides online video and phone psychotherapy services throughout Ontario. We offer individual therapy, a Social Anxiety Group, and MBCT. We routinely monitor patient progress , so if therapy gets off track we can catch and address the problem. Ratings from over 18,000 patients confirm that our therapists are effective. My team of over 25 therapists and I provide psychotherapy with a return to work focus. We do not accept WSIB or MVA funded referrals. I have conducted over 4,000 disability assessments.

Member Since: March 21, 1998

Contact Details

700 Bay Street, Suite 2200
Toronto, ON
Canada M5G 1Z6

TEL: 416-847-7118 ext. 11
FAX: 416-597-9087

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Assessment Services

Disability Assessments: Clinical

Age Groups: Elderly; Adults

Referral Sources: Lawyers; Physicians; Insurers; Self

Therapy Services

Types of Intervention: Other; Cognitive; Behavioural; Insight Oriented

Types of condition: Anger; Anxiety Disorders; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Behavioural Disorders; Adjustment Disorders; Mood Disorders

Age Groups: Adults; Elderly

Referral Sources: Physicians; Lawyers; Insurers; Self

Languages Spoken (other than English)

Language: French