CAPDA Board Positions

Secretary of the Board of Directors

The primary duty of the Secretary of the Board of Directors of CAPDA is to record the minutes of all proceedings at the Board meetings. There are monthly meetings by conference call on Monday evenings that last approximately 90 minutes. The Minutes are generally one or two pages long and correspond to the format of the Agenda. The Minutes are circulated for approval at the following meeting. In addition, there is an annual Board retreat that lasts for several hours, and, again, the Secretary records the Minutes of these events. The position is the custodian of the corporate seal and all books, papers, records, documents and other instruments belonging to the Academy. The position is responsible to the President. 

Membership Chair

The primary duty of the Chair of the Membership Committee of CAPDA is to coordinate the acceptance and evaluation of new membership applications and of requests for changes in membership. The Membership committee members evaluate application packages and provide feedback to the Office Manager. On an as-needed basis the Membership Committee chooses to hold a conference call to discuss an application. The Membership Chair liaises between the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors and is responsible for presenting the Membership Committee’s recommendations to the Board. The Board of Directors ultimately chooses to accept or reject applications. The Membership Chair also helps to ensure that Membership Committee members submit their recommendations in a timely manner (i.e., in time for presentation of an applicant at the next Board meeting). The Membership Chair completes the Approval Form and communicates the Board’s decision to the Office Manager. The Membership Committee also provides consultation in regard to recommended changes to the Membership definitions and in regard to policies and procedures governing membership and the Membership Chair will facilitate this process. The Membership Chair prepares a special report for the Board on an annual basis and before the AGM.

Education Chair

The Chair of the Education Committee holds the position for a period of at least one year, and is responsible for the recruitment of the Committee and leads the committee members in assigning tasks as needed for execution of all education efforts. The Education Chair liaises with and assists with the efforts of Standards and Guidelines and the development of the Diplomate for CAPDA. The Education Chair reports to the Executive and the Board. Annual Tasks include the development of the Spring Forum or comparable educational event; Fall Workshop with a reputable presenter who will contribute to CAPDA members’ continuing education; liaison with OPA for joint educational events; planning of the educational portion of the AGM. The Education Committee is responsible for arranging educational, continuing education and special events for the membership consistent with the policies of the Academy, the standards and guidelines of the Academy and in response to resolutions by the Board.


The Members-at-Large are elected at the Board meeting which immediately follows the AGM, for a term of one year. They take office on election, and it is expected that they will represent the attitudes and concerns of the membership of the Academy. Members-at-large of the Board of Directors of CAPDA  participate in and contribute to the monthly Board meetings and the annual Board retreat, and may be asked to take Minutes in the absence of the Secretary. They are typically members of the CAPDA Committees, and work closely with the Chairs to carry out the objectives and activities of the committees, and generally to carry out tasks to move CAPDA initiatives forward.

President of the Board of Directors

The President has a number of day to day activities carried out, which include chairing board meetings and meetings of the membership, as well as attending to business matters that arise or answering questions brought by members. The main role and responsibility is representing the membership. As such, engaging with other health professions, professional organizations, government agencies, and the legal and insurance communities on behalf of CAPDA. In this capacity the President always welcomes input from the membership, whether they have concerns or ideas they would like to see addressed. The President also energizes the board and membership to carry out initiatives consistent with CAPDA's mission statement, and works with them as they continue to move CAPDA into the future.


The position of Treasurer extends for a duration of one year, and takes office following an election by the Board and a membership vote at the annual AGM meeting. The Treasurer is essentially responsible for overseeing and directing the Academy's financial activities. Specific job tasks include the following: reviewing, signing, and mailing cheques issued by the Academy on a monthly basis; maintaining the Academy's books and financial records;  tracking and accounting for receipts and disbursements; reviewing monthly bank statements; submitting and reviewing monthly investment statements; apprising Board members of the Academy's financial standing, transactions, and investments at monthly Board meetings; reviewing Excel spreadsheets outlining debits and credits; reimbursing funds associated with various CAPDA endeavors and events (e.g., workshops, office supplies etc.); providing input and feedback pertaining to the feasibility and viability of proposed financial expenditures;  reviewing and discussing yearly financial statements with members of the Board and presenting a synopsis of the financial statements to the membership at the annual AGM meeting.