Eligibility Requirements for Full CAPDA Membership

From the By-Laws of the Canadian Academy of Psychologists in Disability Assessment, Article 3.2(b) below.


An applicant for admission as a Full Member (the "Applicant") shall


(i) apply and be approved by the Directors;


(ii) provide evidence of registration, license or full membership as a psychologist with a provincial or state regulatory body, for autonomous practice;


(iii) provide evidence of having obtained a doctorate from an accredited educational program in an area acceptable to:


A. the Applicant's provincial or state regulatory body for registration for the practice of psychology; and
B. the Directors;


 (iv) have five (5) years of relevant postdoctoral experience and training in psychology as determined by the Directors;

(v) have substantial experience and competency in disability assessment as determined by the Directors;


(vi) submit two (2) letters of reference from registered psychologists;


(vii) be assessed by the Directors to be in good standing in the profession of psychology, which includes verification by the Directors of the Applicant's current status and areas of practice with the Applicant's provincial or state regulatory body; and


(viii) provide a recent sample disability assessment report that reflects a knowledge of practice standards and relevant jurisprudence as determined by the Directors.